Biography – Regina Daniels

Regina Daniels began her career in the music industry using her versatile PR skills to catapult the careers of multiple music legends. With a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Western Michigan University and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Michigan, Regina’s services encompass much more than a contact list. With over two decades of experience in the media industry, she is not only versed in the music industry’s public relations, but she has shaped the image and careers of professional athletes, actors, and entertainers. Within the last 30 years, Regina Daniels has done PR and branding for some of the most well-known and distinguished corporations in the country; Hennessy Cognac, Lincoln Mercury, and Pelle Pelle clothing etc.

An entertainment powerhouse, Regina is known not only for promoting clients who want coverage but also for fiercely protecting those who do not. She has successfully raised the profiles of a stream of public figures like Whitney Houston, R-Kelly and many more. Regina is an almighty powerhouse. She is dependable, trustworthy, positive, and extremely resourceful. Her network of clients and reputation has led to Regina being in increasing demand by big names in the industry.

She has a history of strong involvement with endorsements of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle celebrity brands. No matter what Regina is constantly reinventing herself and widening her scope. Quick on her feet, great at problem-solving and that go-to-lady that always have your back no matter what, Regina is always ahead of the game.